Friday, February 25, 2011

Mood Diary 9th ( 25 February 2011 )

25 February 2011
Tears started to spread out

Quietly with you for a far, far away
Even not found the eyes are in red
I still love watching your smiling face
Tears started to spread a little bit

I turned my face
Don't wanna to let you saw it
I kissed your face
Your hands in my shoulder
Feeling so sweet

I was so attached to
Every time I close my eyes
I always can see
Let me heartache

I thought my tender
Can give you the whole universe
I thought I could best fill the gaps in your feelings
Kept your heart
Compensate his faults
Maybe I was too naive
Thought that a miracle will happen

What thing is destroying me?
I can say It's okay
Has been lonely tears
I pretend it doesn't matter
But didn't saw the broken heart was twisted

I really do miss you so much
Now began to rain outside of the window
Dry eyes are wanted to cry mood
No idea exactly what are you doing now 
I really do miss you so much
Not too much emotional expression appropriate
I want to say
But don't know where to start

Do you miss me as like me
If without you
No past
I would not have hurt
But if
There was a if
I still wanna to love you

Without you
Where am I
What a pity
All too late anyway
Anyway, not his own

Although I'm not entitled to love anyone
But I still can't retreat  
Gentle eyes
Guard & Protect every thing silently

Pure heart for you  
I would like to be your Summons 
Pioneering the danger of the universe with you
Looking forward to the day that you 
Can turn your head and look at me

When you are tired when falling 
Just take my hand 
Even if it is only the second dream  
Are worth pursuing 


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