Friday, February 25, 2011

Mood Diary 9th ( 25 February 2011 )

25 February 2011
Tears started to spread out

Quietly with you for a far, far away
Even not found the eyes are in red
I still love watching your smiling face
Tears started to spread a little bit

I turned my face
Don't wanna to let you saw it
I kissed your face
Your hands in my shoulder
Feeling so sweet

I was so attached to
Every time I close my eyes
I always can see
Let me heartache

I thought my tender
Can give you the whole universe
I thought I could best fill the gaps in your feelings
Kept your heart
Compensate his faults
Maybe I was too naive
Thought that a miracle will happen

What thing is destroying me?
I can say It's okay
Has been lonely tears
I pretend it doesn't matter
But didn't saw the broken heart was twisted

I really do miss you so much
Now began to rain outside of the window
Dry eyes are wanted to cry mood
No idea exactly what are you doing now 
I really do miss you so much
Not too much emotional expression appropriate
I want to say
But don't know where to start

Do you miss me as like me
If without you
No past
I would not have hurt
But if
There was a if
I still wanna to love you

Without you
Where am I
What a pity
All too late anyway
Anyway, not his own

Although I'm not entitled to love anyone
But I still can't retreat  
Gentle eyes
Guard & Protect every thing silently

Pure heart for you  
I would like to be your Summons 
Pioneering the danger of the universe with you
Looking forward to the day that you 
Can turn your head and look at me

When you are tired when falling 
Just take my hand 
Even if it is only the second dream  
Are worth pursuing 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Mood Diary 8th ( 12 February 2011 )

12 February 2011
The Love Journey with You ( Simple Poem )

The first saw you in the distance
Look at you like a admirer
But we never meant to
We always pass by but can't find each other

Thought that can't meet you
God seems to see through my thoughts
I met you here
Let me once again met the beautiful you.

So we met
We are familiar with each other
Until that day I declare to you
I am very happy to hear you say you're willing to

The beginning of the first seconds of love
I made up my mind
Decided to give you all the happiness
I will be with you all the time

Our love begun to sprout
I clenched with your delicate little hands
Feel the temperature of your hands
Words can't describe the kind of warm

I have the happiness you give
Has the pleasure you gave me
Regardless of the ups and downs
I will definitely be with you but won't leave you

*Hope you all like it :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mood Diary 7th ( 17 January 2011)

17 January 2011
Heart Wishes 

1 more hour,
It will be my birthday,
Actually I don't know what's my birthday wishes,
Just simply wanna to miss you,
Write down this post,
Just wanna to say that,
I'm quite a bit hurt,
Because she has forget about tomorrow will be my birthday,
I know,
It should be.

I'm always be with you,
Do anythings that you don't want to do,
Just don't want you to get tired,
Everything that I did,
Just only for you,
From the moment that I told you,
I know that I really like you,
From my deeper heart and also my mind.
No way can changes my mind,
I know you're caring me also,
But you've just forget my birthday..

My only wish,
Just only want you to stay beside me,
And told me,
You really like me,
You are truly and not fake at all,
Really like me from the deeper heart that you got,
I don't even know that,
Will you view this post?
Maybe not,
Because you don't have my blog at all also,

My wish,
I hope that you,
Will be happy always,
No cry No sad,
Smiles always :D
That's all.

This is just a simple post,
Nothing meaningful,
Just only for my DORAEMI !

Wanna to sing a song for you :)
 Hmm, yeah, I've got a lot of things,
I have to do, all these discrations,
Our future's coming soon, we're being pulled,
In hundred different directions,
But whatever happens,
I know I've got you,
You're on my mind,
You're in my heart,
It doesn't matter where we are,
We'll be alright, even if we;re miles apart,
All I wanna do, is be with you, be with you,
There's nothing we can do, I just wanna be with youm only you,
No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart,
You know it's true, I just wanna be with you,
Just be with you,
Oh Yeah,
You know how life can be, it changes over night,
The sun even raining, but it's alright,
A girl like you, Always makes things easy,
I know that you get me,
Every up, through every down,
You know I'll always be around,
Through anything, you can count on me!
All I wanna do, is be with you, be with you,
There's nothing we can do, I just wanna be with you, only you,
No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart,

Don't leave me anymore,
I really like you from my deeper heart,
No fake No cheat,
Trust me and stay beside me,
because I just wanna be with you,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mood Diary 6th ( 6 December 2010 )

6 December 2010
FAMILY ~ Father & Mother I Love You

Filial Piety,
Everyone of us must have it,
It's very important.
Our Father & Mother,
We owe them for a whole of our life,
We must appreciate everything that they gave us.
Actually they really can just put us at the corner side,
Don't care about us,
But, they didn't.
They care of us,
They scold us,
Just only for our good.
Although sometimes it's overbearing,
But we should understand that,
They're not bear to do that.
How long have us didn't say I Love You to our parents,
Appreciate the times that you have,

*To my Father & Mother 

I'm so sorry,
Always make you angry,
I know I'm naughty,
When you scold me for my own good,
I won't listen it,
and I will reply defiantly.
I know it hurts you a lot.
I'm so sorry about.
You put a great effort on your work,
Just only wanted to earn moneys,
The one who sacrifice,
Is you,
Please forgive my fault,
I Love You <3

I knew I'm a bad boy,
Whenever you asked me to help you,
I will say NO,
I knew,
You're crying.
At that moment,
My heart is painful.
Because I knew that,
I'm wrong.
So sorry,
You ring me pregnant for 10 months.
I owe you the whole of my life,
You're the one,
Who gave birth to me,
But I'm such a bad boy,
Do something to hurt you.
I'm sorry.
You sacrificing yourself to let me have a better way to go in the future.
I knew it.
I Love You too,
Please forgive me.

Father & Mother,
We're in a HAPPY FAMILY  :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mood Diary 5th ( 30 November 2010 )

30 November 2010
Tears Dropping

You ~~!!
I want to forget you,
The memories between us,
I want to throw it into the rubbish dump,
It's no more important for me,
It's meaningless ~!!
You're the one,
Who made me lost everything !!!
Included my friends,

I'm asking myself,
Am I still hating you,
But I can't get the answer,
I'm not caring you,
When I saw you face,
I felt disgusting,
A punch was wanted to be given by me to you.
What should I do,

I cried for a night,
Maybe all of you will not believe in this,
But I really did,
I don't want to do to that so,
But I can't control myself,
Everything's NATURAL,
Tears dropped down from my eyes automatically.

I walked alone on the street,
I'm scolding myself,
I'm blaming myself.
I look strong,
But actually I'm weak.
I'm just a normal guy.

Maybe you will feel paiseh lah ~
Because of me,
I knew it,
Ahahaha ~
But actually I wanted to ask you something,
Could you just jump into my MIND, my HEART & also my SOUL ~!
I'm not dare to ask you a question like that lah ~!

It's sweet,
You know it?
Maybe you don't like me,
But I do.

It's okay.
No matter what answer in your mind,
I still can accept it. =)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mood Diary 4th ( 28 November 2010 )

28 November 2010
Eco Eco Eco

Just came back from the M.A.D Leo Camp that was held at Cameron Highland,
These 3 days,
I learned a lot of things,
That's very meaningful.
Beside that,
Every activity is also quite syok.
But some are bored also,
Actually I'm very tired when I'm writing this post.

Some of the sketches are very funny,
Some of that are very bored,
But at least everyone had try their best to sketch for it.
I'm so happy because I can go to this Leo Camp,
I had a lot of new friends,
Although they live far away from my school.
They are came from Penang, Kedah, Perak, Ipoh and also Kuala Lumpur.
All of them are very friendly,
I'm also very friendly and also leng zai marh ~ ! ( THIS IS THE POINT~! XD )

Group 10 is my group,
This group damn funny,
While we're all having the activities,
We felt very happy and syok.
Because my group got hentai also. ><
My group got 14 members,
Included me lah ~ !
1. How Chuan
2. Nicholas ( Hentai ) XD
3. Zheng Feng
4. Darius ( OKK / OKU ) ( OKK = Orang Kurang Kurus / OKU = Orang Kurang Upaya )
5. Huei Hong
6. Li Chung
7. Wei Xian
8. Kah Fei
9. Xi Gene
10. Rain ( Not the KOREA's singer arh ! )
11. Carney ( GARDENIA ) Wakakakaka =D
12. Edmond ( A very quiet guy )
13. Vincent ( This guy sibeh leng zai lah !!! If you want to know him, tell me ! I introduce you to him, but NO GAY ARH ! )

All of these guys are my teammates !
We live together,
And die together !! ( In the CAMP only ) XD
We have fun in the activities of team building !
Syok-nya ~~
Beside that,
We have 1 more thing that was extremely excited to play for it !
That's to find out the moles that hide inside our teams. !
My team figured out 3 moles,
And our team got special commands !
That's DWL !~ Haha XD
You won't even know what's the mean of DWL.
This is a secret.

1 more KNS thing I want to share !
Don't ever wake us up at 3 o'clock morning to helping you all celebrate the birthday !
It's none of business lah woi. ==
People already mahu pengsan-pengsan,
You all still wake them up to do something 'SPECIAL'~!

Don't mind if I said something wrong arh !
Forgive me please ~ XD
Actually I really learned a lot of things from this camp,
This camp are damn funny and meaningful.
After this camp,
We all must MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! =)

Fall In Love to Your Sweet Smiles

*Second Part of My 4th Mood Diary
Xi Gene!
Vincent !
Help me a lot in this,
Thanks a lot,

Girl !
When I see you face,
It make me think about my first love,
Don't know why,
I like your sweet smiles,
I like your cute ears,
I like your shining eyes ~!

Everything of you attracted me,
It's like a magnet,
Hey Girl,
I miss you.
Maybe you won't even know that I miss you !
But I want to say it out loud here ~!
I like you, Girl.
Send a message for you,
And giving a hope to myself,
Wish that you will reply my message,
No matter how longs the time will be taken,
I will waiting for you.
Don't think that I'm just cheating,
I didn't bluff,
This is the truth !

Walk closer to you,
When my hand touch with your hand,
I felt that your hand are quite cold,
Did you felt cold,
Don't be afraid,
I'm not a monster,
I'm just a normal guy,
A human being like you.
I'm not scary,
I'm straight,
I didn't cheat,
Because I don't want to have any secrets between you and me.

Last before,
I'm always living in my own world,
I don't know,
What will happen in the next minute,
I knew that's something has changed,
Never felt this way,
And right here tonight.
I had a wishes,
Wish this moment,
Was ours to own it.

*Maybe it's paiseh one lah,
But it's just only a post,
simple post,
I wrote it out what's in my mind and my heart.
Don't mind it.
Anything doing wrong,
Please forgive me,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mood Diary 3rd ( 25 November 2010 )

25 November 2010
Confused In My Heart

It's the M.A.D Leo Camp tomorrow,
I should clean all the rubbish that always confused my HEART,
'They' stay in my MIND,
But they didn't wanted to get away from me.

I want to say it out !
Talk out LOUD !
I really miss you.
The first time of our date,
I didn't forget about it,
The Coffee Shop that we dated at,
I passed by at yesterday,
It's not there anymore,
It had change to a Western Restaurant.

Although everything had changes,
But something in my mind,
It didn't change at all,
I ask it always to myself,
Why can I just simply to forget it.
Am I wrong to miss you so much.
Forgive me,
About I didn't told you that,
The one who love you most,
It's ME...

I use strong to cover my weakness,
It's look like free,
But exactly I'm lonely,
I don't know the sadness that you have and the hurt that you told me before,
But I did.

Stop the time,
Stop that moment,
Recognize the winter,
Remember the summer,
I'm sorry about that Dear,
I never tried to use my heart,
To do my best to understand you,
But now I knew that I loved you by my heart.

It's time to pack my bag,
See YA ! My HEART !
No more confused,
Be serious.